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We know that most firms are unable to manage their resources efficiently. We know how most firms are unable to see exactly how their staff are spending their time and therefore unable to maximise resource utilization. Thankfully for you, we also know how expensive this problem can be but how easily it can be solved.



We provide a platform for managing project teams more efficiently, making it much easier to know who is working on what and who is available. This gives an accurate view of future and historical utilization, meaning the results are immensely accurate. Being being both mobile and cloud-based, our software is available everywhere and anywhere.



From our 5-steps-to-success implementation plan, on-site and remote training sessions, to our support videos, guides, and dedicated service team (included at no extra cost), Precursive is always there. Unlike other companies, our support service doesn’t end when the sale does.

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Who’s not billed out today? Which roles could be staffed internally instead of with contractors? Which projects will go over-budget on staffing?

Precursive is an all-in-one scheduling, timesheet submission and reporting platform that makes resource management a breeze. You’ll find everything you need for better people management, all wrapped up in cloud-based software that’s fast, simple and easy to use. Unlike many solutions out there, it’s also totally mobile, making collecting business-critical information on the go a snap.

If you need resource management software that answers all of the questions above and is built by a team that knows what they’re doing (we have over a decade of consulting experience), get in touch today.

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“Precursive provides one single view of the truth, within which running reports is a fast and painless process thanks to the simple interface, and regular automatic emails ensure that everyone involved in resource management is on the same page.

The team were professional, courteous and eager to tailor the solution to meet my specific needs. Precursive offered great customer service.”
James Jefferd, Head of the SaaS Practice, Fujitsu UK & Ireland